Waiting Lists?

I do not know of any waiting list servers out there any more.

New Blind Games Starting

I have no plans to start any new games.

Each game I run uses my newest code (2.49beta the moment) with all the usual options (K commands, Partial techs, password support, Q & Z commands).

They have my typical double blind forwarding system and forecaster.

I do not play in my games as a player. (I do play dropped players to a very limited extent- see NPC Rules)

There are about 15-35 players at the start and 300-550 systems in most of my games.


Blind Galaxy reports are different than most other galaxy variations. Most tools won't like them without some modification. Goggle, and GalaxyTV are known to not work ( http://members.home.net/salamon/galaxy.html has a Mac client)

There will be no more than 3 players per site, 2 if the game has fewer than 20 players (Exception: large ISP's such as Earthlink might be allowed to exceed this). There are obvious ways to get around this, but please honor the spirit.

Turns run on Tuesdays and Fridays, around 8AM Eastern USA time. This is 13:00 GMT (12:00 GMT in the summer) for those more accustomed to that time zone. (One turn per week games run on Friday only).

Games last at least a year, and run about 49-50 weeks out of the year for 1 turn per week games (typically December 20th until Janurary 3rd is taken off). Two turn per week games run 60+ turns per year (more holidays; plus they typically slow down to 1 turn per week around turn 40).

To sign up, please mail me (one player per message), your choice of empire name, and an email @ to send reports to (if different than the sending one).

Status of my games.

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