The more obvious differences between standard Galaxy v3 and Blind Galaxy are

0) Groups with a mass of one (a single mass 1 probe) do not generate incoming reports.

1) Blind galaxy supports different options that standard galaxy-

   Standard: twocol, namecase, underscores

   Blind:smartmap, map, fullreport, unknown, battlesum, longbattle, fulltype, 
         unsafebreak, battlemass, techs, forecast, showopts, techplus, 
         upgradecost, twospace, sortplanets, longforecast, unsafemax, 
         showopts, xcenter, ycenter, shortint, bombsum, techprod, stats, 
         sorttype, sysmass, showfrom, cartesian, pedantic

   Common: sortgroups, production

   Common, different functionality- autounload
2) Blind galaxy allows you to be at guard (only shoot at someone over your planets), in addition to peace and war.

3) Blind galaxy supports a selective planet defense (K command) which allows you to override war/peace/guard on a planet by planet basis at systems you own.

4) Blind's production occurs after routes & population growth.

5) Blind industrial growth is ~80% faster.

6) Blind galaxy supports 2 names for planets. A non-changing #, and a player setable name.

7) Blind galaxy has "Full Reports" for systems, which include all the information found elsewhere in the report, grouped by planet. [I.e. groups, fleets, routes, alien groups, incoming reports, etc are listed under a "Full Report on system xxx" section]

8) Blind galaxy has a more diverse planet mixture than standard galaxy including size 0 words, and worlds larger than homeworlds. (GalaxyNG is closer in this respect).

9) Blind galaxy does not support spaces in names, or quoted strings (a later release may do so)

10) Blind galaxy reports are generally incompatible with standard galaxy analysis tools.

11) Blind galaxy battles can (with the correct option) give you a blow by blow account of the battle so that you can analyze ship performance (such a program exists at the ftp site), as well as give you the total masses involved for both sides. Newer versions of GalxyNG support this (I think).

12) Blind galaxy has wraparound maps.

13) Blind galaxy does not support sending messages through the game (the @ command).

14) Blind galaxy does not support the player lookup command 'F'.

15) Blind galaxy does not have a built in way of maintaining player's orders (that is, if you submit 15 sets of orders, the GM or a program has to remove the 14 old sets). There is sample code to do this in the newer versions of Blind.

16) Blind galaxy doesn't keep track of players well. The GM needs to provide an outside mechanism for doing this, (See 15 above). Some of the support tools help with this.

17) Standard galaxy has been ported to more systems, and will compile out of the box with non ansi C compilers. (Other than the ansi comment, Blind and NG are probably even these days).

18) Blind galaxy comes complete with an example server which supports anonymous message forwarding and order checking/forecasts. NG now apparently does as well.

19) Blind galaxy has "Partial techs"- the ability to build ships at tech levels below your current maximum at a slightly cheaper price. (Explorer has this).

20) Blind galaxy allows the GM to get a omnipitent view of the galaxy without having to grot through everyone's turn reports.

21) Blind galaxy has documentation for the GM, as well as the Rules, and has been actively supported by the same person for more than 7 years.

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