Blind Galaxy Y10K Issues

The usual legalese about it not being my fault if your computer or software melt applies.

Blind Galaxy does not track real world dates internally, period. The random number generator used in the turn running code and galaxy creation code is seeded off of the system clock, which is at present a 32 bit signed integer on UNIX systems tracking the number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970. This gives an effective range from 0 (Jan 1, 1970) to 2^32-1 (early Feb 2038). Past that date, the code will either work correctly (if the time returned changes) or produce a guessable string of random numbers (if the time value returned is constant). Newer OS's often have compile time options for C code in order to make it work in a 64 bit world, making the time a 64 bit integer- long enough to last past the death of the sun, much less the Y10K (or Y100K or even Y1000K) rolover.

In short, non technical terms- the Blind Galaxy code will not in and of itself suffer any problems due to date related issues during the Y10K rollover or as a result of it. Any problems will be due to OS issues.

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